The high pressure the advantages and disadvantages of the combination of GIS and using problem

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A, GIS steel and aluminum products What are the advantages and disadvantages?

A: Aluminum is not easy to generate eddy currents, low energy consumption than steel, light weight, aluminum in the humid environment corrosion resistant than steel.

Higher than the melting point of aluminum steel in acid environment than aluminum corrosion resistance is weak, the high cost of steel than aluminum.

Two, GIS use aluminum bus What are the advantages and disadvantages than copper bus?

A: aluminum lower cost than copper, consume less copper than aluminum heat, large carrying capacity, small resistivity than aluminum, corrosion resistance than aluminum.

Three, GIS Why set them quick and fast grounding switch isolation switch?

A: Rapid isolation switch is mainly to eliminate secondary arc on the line in order to improve the fault current circuit breaker a success rate

Purpose is to eliminate the fast grounding switch on the line due to the induced current generated by electrostatic induction, and can also take advantage of the rapid removal of the circuit breaker fault current, relevant short-circuit current capability.

Fourth, the current transformers used in the GIS has several different coils, respectively, and what level of functionality?

A: There are levels of 0.2 (0.2S), 0.5 5P, with a measurement function (0.5, measurement (0.2, protection (5P)

Fifth, a change 35KV 126KV power transformer output capacity 50000KVA, its primary current transformer at full load output is how much?

A: P = √3UI I = P / √3U = 229

Sixth, why the technical requirements of different users in the same short-circuit voltage level switches require breaking current value?

A: The short-circuit occurs, there is a main operation of the system determines the size of the short-circuit current. Different devices, or devices of the same but in different locations in the system, or access to a different system, the short-circuit current is different.
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